All shows in Los Angeles unless noted.


1st Cool Thanks! UBC Inner Sanctum

3rd Dungeon at the Nerdist Showroom

11th Gravy Biscuits at Nerdist Showroom

12th Fringe at 1739 Public House

16th Sauced at DeSanos Pizza

18th Heavy Heavy Low Low at Bar Lubitsch

20th LeStats in San Diego

24th Telling clean jokes at a family thing, mostly just bragging

25th Hard Times Live at The Clubhouse 6-8pm

30th Follow You Funny showcase


3rd Roast Battle at the Comedy Store

4th Dungeon at Nerdist Theater

5th Best of Atlanta at Laughing Skull Lounge 8pm and 10:30pm

6th 1AM Secret Show Atlanta, Smith’s Olde Bar

9th Star Bar Atlanta 9PM

12th-15th Burning Bridges Fest in Pittsburg

April 22nd Hard Times Live

26th Caged Comedy


17th – 20th Whiskey Bear Comedy Fest Columbus, Ohio


Old Shows



3rd Roast Battle against Carmen Morales The Comedy Store

12th Group Shower at The Clubhouse

21st Puns and Punx at NerdMelt


19th The Hard Times Live at NerdMelt

28th Roast Battle against Madison Shepard The Comedy Store


2nd Ladies Night at Village Theater Atlanta, GA

3rd Relapse Theater with Jake Head 9:30PM Atlanta, GA

4th 1AM Secret Show Atlanta, GA

5th Punchline Comedy Club, Atlanta, GA

6th Star Bar Atlanta, GA

8th Party in the Back at New California Barbershop in Echo Park

23-26 Treefort Music Festival Comedy Stage, Boise, ID


4th Comedy Bowl at Highland Park Bowl

6th Comedians You Should Know at The Hollywood Improv

21st Hard Times Live at Nerd Melt

24th Cool Butts

24th Blind  Barber Comedy

27th Canteen Points


6th 12 Shiny Nickles

11th Group Shower

15h Cool Thanks!

16th Roast Battle with Paige Wesley

21st Hard Times Live

27th Hard Times Live in Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling


1st Hard Times Live at Limestone Comedy Festival

2nd Limestone Comedy Festival with Janelle James

3rd Limestone Comedy Festival with Billy Wayne Davis

4th Shithole in Chicago

5th Afterthoughts at the Laugh Factory Chicago

6th Secrets, Lies, and Alibies Chicago

11th Dungeon at NerdMelt in LA

18th The Hard Times Live at NerdMelt LA

19th Everything’s Great at the Improv LA

20th Comedy Bowl LA

27th Roast Battle at the Comedy Store LA

30th Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (not on this show, just stoked about it)


16th Hard Times Live at Nerd Melt

25th Roast Battle at the Comedy Store



11th Fresh Out at UCB

15th That’s Gold at Bootleg Theater

21st Echo Park Rising Fest: Comedy Runway at Space Dust

23rd Flights in Hawthrone CA

26th Bible Study at Church of Fun

27th 12 Shiney Nickels at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica


4th Babe Island at Bigfoot Lounge 10PM

6th Comedy in English at Hosteling International in Santa Monica 8:30PM

9th Unnecessary Evil at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica 8PM

9th Gangbusters! The Clubhouse in LA 11PM

10th 12 Shiney Nickels at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica

14th Altercall at Open Space 8PM

15th Canteen Points at The Good Nite

17th Good Heroin at Stories Bookstore

19th South By SouthEast at Open Space

24th Wrigley Comedy Chew, Free food from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. then a great show in a guy’s backyard. 2395 San Francisco Avenue Long Beach CA 90806


1st 12 Shiney Nickels at Westside Comedy Theater in Santa Monica

17th South by South East Comedy Show with Theo Von

21st Art Sandwich Conditional with Ramon Rivas II

23rd Chatterbox Comedy in Covina

25th Honest Pint with Kyle Kinane in Chattanooga, TN

26th Comedy on Draught in Atlanta, GA

27th Best of Atlanta at Laughing Skull Lounge Atlanta, GA

28th Epic Comedy Hour in Huntsvilla, Al

29th Frightening Ass Film Fest Ladies Night Showcase Chattanooga, TN

30th Best of Atlanta at Laughing Skull Lounge Atlanta, GA

31st Star Bar Atlanta, GA


4th Coast2Coast Comedy at Open Space

10th Hosting Bitchshesh Open Mic

18th Human Resources

19th Tomorrow! with Ron Lynch at Steve Allen Theater


1st Little Joy at Little Joy

3rd List of Demands Comedy Festival Showcase

13th Milk Bar San Francisco 8PM

13th Make Out Room San Fransciso 8PM

16th. Gangbusters! the Clubhouse 11pm

19th The Business at Little Joy

23rth Home for the Holidays at The Comedy Catch in Chattanooga, TN

26th Star Bar Atlanta