All shows in Los Angeles unless noted.


4th The Business 

12th Roast Battle 

18th Thrash with Kyle Kinane at the Regent Theater 


10th Thrash with Ian Karmel at The Regent Theater

15th WonderComedy in Atlanta 

15th 10 Buck Comedy in Atlanta 

16th 1AM Secret Show Atlanta 

17th Laughing Skull satellite show 

18th Star Bar Atlanta

19th Open Toaded Athens, GA 

20th 8 Bit Atlanta  

22nd Laughing Skull Lounge 8 and 10pm Atlanta

23rd Laughing Skull Lounge 8 and 10pm Atlanta

24th Comedy at Fleetwoods presents John-Michael Bond Ashville, NC

25th Thrash at The Regent Theater 

30th Cold Cereal at Junior High 


8th Thrash at The Regent 

22nd  Thrash at The Regent 


17th Jetpack Bar at Lubitsch